Otaua Primary School - Coast, Harbour, Swamp, River - House names based on the four bodies of water that surround our school.



"Learn By Doing"

Welcome to Otaua School! Ours is a decile 8 rural school, originally established in 1895.    This year (2016) we will have 160 as our March 1 roll number for the Minstry of Education.  We have experienced a great deal of growth over the last two years. In order  to maintain our current level of staffing (seven classrooms), like every other school, we  must make up for numbers that go over the course of the year.  We cater for children  from Year 1 to Year 8. Many of our childrens' parents were pupils at Otaua School and  therefore have a history with us.

Our Principal is Mrs Carol Graham who has held this position since 2012.  She is supported                                        by the Deputy Principal, Mrs Megan Allen.

In our younger classes we have Mrs Shea Malloy in R5 with Year 1's; Mrs Robyn Chavez in R6 with Year 2; Mrs Fiona Ellis in Room 4 with Year 3/4; Miss Jessica Evans in R7 with Year 3/4; Mrs Grace Hare in R3 with Year 5/6; Mr Neil Wakefield in R2 with Year 6/7 and Mrs Andrew with Year 7/8 in R1. 

Mrs Justine Carr and Mrs Loren Harper also work with children in classrooms, look after our resources and the library, and run our Steps to Literacy programme. 

Mr Glenn Morse is our caretaker/handyman (10 hours per week) and if you listened to him, all he does is do the same thing over and over again, moving things from one part of the school to another and back again! Seriously though, there has been a bit of that with having had four of our classrooms completely refurbished in 2014.   Glenn comes in two days a week and brings many skills with him.

Mrs Maria Kelsey is the first person you usually see when you come to our school. She runs our school office, our school accounts, our sickbay and a myriad of other things.

Otaua School has a big place in the history of this area. Although we are only about 6 minutes from the Waiuku township we have managed to maintain our school's rural feel. We are lucky to have a supportive school community - an active PTA, Calf Club committee and our Board of Trustees. 

Any questions - give us a ring!

Important Notices