Otaua Primary School - Coast, Harbour, Swamp, River - House names based on the four bodies of water that surround our school.


Information About Our School


If a child is to be absent on a given day, parents are asked to communicate this to the school before school begins by :  a note to the classroom teacher; a message via a sibling; a phone call to our office 235 2741; an email admin@otaua.school.NZ or text message to 027 316 2422. This enables us to know who is in our care each day and to check on the whereabouts of unexplained absentees.  Please write a note or call in and let us know if you have a genuine reason for wanting your child/ren to leave early from school. When families are taking their children out of school during the term for family holidays or overseas travel, please inform the principal in writing. These letters are required for roll audit purposes.


These are generally held at 2.00pm every second Friday and are run by the house leaders. A timetable is done at the beginning of each term. There are often valid reasons for change to this timetable so it is not 'set in concrete'. We have two venues depending on the weather, outside Room 4 or in the Multipurpose Room.


The children are able to bank with the ASB through the school. There is a 'banking box' in the foyer by the office.  You will need to collect enrolment forms to set up a bank account for the school office.

Bible in Schools

Religious instruction takes place on Wednesdays during the middle block between 11.20 and 12.10pm.  Currently this is held in the library. It is run by a team of specially prepared helpers (not trained teachers). During this time the school is open, but closed for instruction. The teachings are interdenominational. Our juniors attend together as a group - there is a Bible Club for our seniors from 12.00 until 12.30 and this is voluntary.

Book Club

Scholastic NZ book Club offers a means of buying paperback editions of good quality books at reasonable prices.  These brochures are given out to the children as they arrive at school. money and orders for books you would like to purchase should be handed in to Mrs Kelsey in the office by the due date specified.


Many of our students travel to and from school by bus. This generally arrives here around 8.10am and leaves at the end of the day as soon as the duty teacher has checked the names off the bus list.  It helps us when you let us know that your child/ren may or may not be travelling by bus on any particular day.  A sensible standard of behaviour is expected on the bus and we have senior students as bus monitors. Those who are not covered under the MOE's eligibility scheme (i.e. those children who live less than 3.2kms from their nearest school) are required to pay the following to the school office  :  $40 per term for one child/$60 per term for two or more children

Calf Club

This is an annual focus and has long been a tradition at Otaua School. This is traditionally held on the first Saturday back after the term 3 holidays. 

Cell Phones

Children who bring cellphones to school are required to leave these in a particular container in the Principal’s office before school.  They can then be collected at the end of the school day. 



Should there be any intentional damage to school equipment  we will ask for reimbursement for repair costs from parents/caregivers of the child/ren involved.

Dental Care

Each year the dental therapist from View Rd School comes out to school for a few days in the mobile clinic. She checks all children and then follow up appointments are made at the new View Rd Clinic Clinic if needed.


This is reviewed by the BOT annually for budget needs not funded by the MOE.

One child                                         $60.00

Two children                                   $80.00

Three or more                                 $100.00

Early Childhood Education

The Otaua-Aka Aka Playcentre is situated next to the school. For further information please contact the playcentre ph 2352845.

Enrolments & Pre-School visits

Enrolment forms and information are available from the school office. New parents are welcome to make a time to meet the principal, talk about your children and have a look around the school.  Parents of children about to turn 5 are welcome to make pre-school visit days/times with Mrs Malloy, our New Entrant teacher. Parents enrolling children are asked to provide a birth certificate to verify age, and immunisation record.

First Aid

Our school runs a sick bay to deal with children who are sick or injured.  If a child is not well enough to remain in class parents are contacted.  If a situation is deemed to be of a serious nature and we are unable to contact the parents, the school will seek medical advice.  Any cost incurred through this will be the responsibility of the parents.  All staff have current First Aid certificates. Mrs Kelsy is the head nurse!


In 2011 our PTA entered a competition through Project Crimson and won a forest makeover!  Come and have a look at the fantastic asset we now have for our kids to learn and play in!  

Hearing & vision testing

The South Auckland hearing and vision testers visit our school twice a year. If you have concerns about your child, the classroom teacher can arrange for a referral to the Public Health Nurse.


Homework given will vary depending on the age of the child.  Generally homework is given  a) to reinforce something that has been taught at school  b) to provide extra practice of new/known skills   c) as an opportunity to research for further learning. Please feel free to discuss class homework with your child's teacher.


Stocking a school library with quality novels, picture books and reference books is a never ending job!  Our library is computerised using the Access-It programme and issuing, returns and stock takes are done electronically.  We have a team of student librarians and they are responsible to the teacher in charge of the library. Children from Rooms 4,5,6 and 7 are allowed to borrow one book each at a time and those from Rooms 1,2 & 3 may borrow two. "Lost" books will incur a fee.

Lost Property

This is kept in Room 7 foyer and looked after by Miss Evans. (All uniform items should be named, please)


Hot dogs are available on Tuesdays and a lunch menu is available on Fridays for the children to order from. Orders should be put in the lunch container in the classroom in a clearly named envelope with the order on the outside and the money on the inside. Parent volunteers run our lunch scheme assisted by our lunch monitors.

Money Sent to School

Money for lunches, trips, stationery, book orders etc should be enclosed in a named envelope with the reason for the money on the outside if being brought to school by a child. All money should be handed in to Mrs Kelsey in the office.


A weekly newsletter is usually sent home on Wednesdays.  Notices for specific events are sent separately when necessary and each classroom teacher sends a newsletter at the beginning of each term, outlining the topics for the term. There are folders in the school foyer that contain copies of newsletters that are sent out.

Personal Property

Toys, electronic devices, dangerous items and jewellery etc should not be brought to school as they can be easily lost, broken, or stolen and cause unnecessary problems.  If your child brings something along these lines to school, please expect that it will be confiscated until such times as a responsible adult can pick it up. This simple rule is for everyone's safety.


Class, individual and sports team photos are taken at school annually.


Some years these are a feature dependent on the availability of staff to work on this. 

Public Health Nurse

Our area Health Nurse visits our school from time to time and the school can refer children to her if necessary.  There are also immunisation programmes carried out at school following parental consent.

Reporting to Parents

Currently we hold a student/parent/teacher conference in term 1; issue a written report in terms 2 & 4 and our teachers from Year  1-4 complete a report at the end of a child's first, second and third year at school as prescribed by National Standards.

School Hours

We are an 8.30am till 2.30pm school.

Our breaks are:  Morning breaks 9.30 – 9.45am and 10.45 – 11.00am. Ten minutes of this time is supervised play lunch eating outside the classroom.  Lunch is from 12.10pm till 1.00pm with the first ten minutes again supervised.


Special Needs/Abilities

Each year Mrs Claire Cochrane (our special needs teacher aide) is timetabled into classrooms to support those who need a bit extra.  We have some children who access outside services and this is co-ordinated by Mrs Kelly Andrew who is responsible for our special needs programme.  Opportunities are provided for those with special abilities to participate in things outside of the normal school programme if they choose to.  She is also running the Steps to Literacy programme.


Our Year 5-8 students are involved annually in Speech competitions.  Our Year 7/8 winner competes against the winner from the other Waiuku schools at the Rotary Speech contest usually held in July.  This year, we will be asking our Yr 5/6 winner and Yr 7/8 winner to compete in the Pukekohe competition also.


Children are welcome to participate in a wide range of winter and summer sports codes both at club and school level throughout the year. Otaua School has traditionally been strong in the hockey area particularly.  Our school is part of the Waiuku Group (with 7 other schools in our surrounding area). As well as our own sports events, our children who excel have the opportunity to compete against children from other schools in Waiuku area, Franklin Zone and in some instances Champion of Champions in Auckland. We are very lucky to have committed parents who are always willing to help us out here with transport, supervision and support.


Otaua School has stationery packs available at the beginning of the school year.  The lists are specifically chosen by the class teacher for each year level and are sent home on the first day of the new term.  Packs can be bought through the school.  Once orders have been received the children are given their stationery to take home to cover if they wish.  Teachers do not expect children to start the year with a complete stationery pack but do ask that children come to school with a pen and pencil.  Most teachers don’t start children on their new books until after the first full week. 

There is no obligation to buy your stationery from the school, however we have found when we surveyed parents that this is a no fuss, easy and cost effective way to purchase stationery.  At the beginning of the year stationery prices from every supplier are very competitive and we are confident that our packs are as competitive and are good quality.  This year prices will range from $32 - $41 depending on the year level required.  The Year 4 – 8 packs include a $23 Mathletics subscription which runs from February 2017 to February 2018.

Swimming Pool

During the summer term each class has the opportunity to swim daily and the local community has the opportunity to purchase a pool key for $40.00 for the season in order to use the pool outside of school hours, but before 7.00pm in the evenings.  A $60 bond is also required, this is refunded on return of the key.


Our Years 7/8 students go to View Rd School in Waiuku for Technology approximately once a fortnight.  They cycle through hard/soft material technology and visual art with specialist teachers. They are picked up from here by bus at 8.45am and are returned by 2.30pm. A consumable fee applies for the materials they use, over and above the government subsidy. This fee is currently set at $32.50 twice yearly.

Telephone Numbers

We have a phone list for all families. The privacy Act protects this information.  Please ensure your details at our school office are current should we need to contact you in the case of illness or accident.


Our school has a compulsory uniform. It consists of the following :

a) red polo shirt

b) black shorts/pants/skirt

c) red polar fleece /sweatshirt.

Our PTA funded 90 red and black sports shirts that are issued to children who go out of the school to represent Otaua. These are kept at school.






Important Notices