Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako

A Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako is a group of education and training providers that form around children and young people's learning pathways, and work together to help them achieve their full potential.

Our school belongs to the Waiuku Kāhui Ako / Waiuku Community of Learning.

Our Kāhui Ako Vision

“Working together to grow our Learners and Community”

Our Kāhui Ako Aim

Our Kāhui Ako schools will work together in a collaborative way with students, parents, whānau and community to achieve the achievement goals.

We will achieve this by working together on four important goals:

Grow hāuora amongst our learners, whānau and staff

Develop and nurture effective relationships and partnerships with our community

Foster equitable learning opportunities and outcomes for all learners

Ensure sustainable Kāhui Ako infrastructure and systems are in place and are effective

In our Kāhui Ako We Value :


Our relationships and partnerships with the students and community that we serve.


Collaboration; our commitment to work together towards common goals that we have established together.

Together we can achieve things that we cannot achieve alone.


Waiuku Kāhui Ako

The group of schools that comprise the Waiuku Kāhui Ako is centred on Waiuku with all schools being within close proximity. These schools have similar demographic characteristics which reflect their local communities.

Schools in the Waiuku Community of Learning have a significant Māori roll (21%) when compared to the national average (15%) and a smaller than the national average Pasifika roll (6%) when compared with the national average (20%).

A high number of children entering primary school have participated in early childhood education, 95.5% of Māori students, 91.4% of Pasifika students and 95.6% European/Pakeha students.